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Air Conditioning Repair Installation

Is your home too hot? Even turning the pillow over to the cool side doesn’t help you get a good night’s sleep? Don’t put up with it. Call a company known for keeping Southwest Michigan homes comfortable for more than 60 years.

During those 6+ decades, Mast Heating & Cooling has proven it can handle every air conditioner repair or replacement need in Holland and all around Grand Rapids, MI. Our technicians are trained to work on every brand. They have the tools and knowledge to complete the AC repairs quickly, making your home cool and comfortable again.

There may also come a time when a repair just doesn’t make financial sense. You could be wasting your money, especially if your AC unit is ten years old or older. When you talk to our professionals you will be surprised to learn how much money an efficient new central air conditioner can save you on your monthly utility bills. Some estimates are as high as 30%. Even if you’re not ready to make a big purchase, our financing options can help make a new AC a reality for you.

Mast carries a full line of replacement Trane air conditioners. It’s an industry leader with an unparalleled reputation for reliability and efficiency. Here are just a few reasons why it makes sense to choose Trane:

A Century of Innovation:

  • 120+ Years in the heating & cooling business
  • Named “America’s Most Trusted HVAC System” 3 straight years

Inventive Design:

  • Every detail has a purpose
  • Trane parts & components exceed industry standards
  • Each design detail is rigorously tested

Tested to Extremes:

  • Every unit is tested & retested
  • Blistering heat & bone chilling cold
  • Guaranteed to keep you comfortable

Along with the Trane quality, Grand Rapids and Holland residents and business owners can depend on expert AC installation by our Mast technicians. They will use the best installation process to guarantee you the lowest possible costs.

Do yourself a favor, don’t put up with an uncomfortable home because your air conditioner can no longer do the job. Call the professionals at Mast Heating & Cooling right now for all your air conditioner repair and replacement needs.