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Holland: (616) 772-2252
Grand Rapids: (616) 551-4270

Mast Heating & Cooling


24 Hour/ 7 Days A Week Service

Holland: (616) 772-2252
Grand Rapids: (616) 551-4270


A Smarter, More Efficient Home

Your home deserves the precise, even comfort of a smart Trane thermostat. Conveniently controlled via web or smartphone app.


West MI's Marine HVAC Experts

Our marine-trained technicians specialize in custom installations and are the Lakeshore’s best.

The Things You Care About

Are The Things We Care About

We care about the environment, we care about the air quality in your home, we care about lowering your energy bills, and we care about your comfort. Look around at the ways you can help yourself and the environment with Mast.

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